Significance of Waist Beads

In the last year, I have discovered waist beads and the significance of wearing them. I was fully introduced to waist beads through a respected and holistic entrepreneur named Ashley Amanda.

She is a well known name in the holistic realm and her abundant knowledge on holistic practices are unparalleled.

Here are some things that I have learned about waist beads along the way and I hope this information helps you on your journey.

So where do waist beads come from and what are their significance's?

Most of my research has lead me to find that waist beads originated around the 15th century in parts of Northern and Western Africa.

Meanings, Significance's and Uses for waist beads include;

  • A symbol of femininity and sensuality and intimacy

  • Being of marriageable age

  • Worn on babies during naming ceremonies

  • Signify purity during time of marriage

  • Weight and posture awareness

  • Fertility protection while pregnant

  • Healing or rejuvenation

  • Heritage and pride

Waist bead colors also have significance of their own such as;

  • Blue - healing, harmony, insight, trust, loyalty

  • Green - prosperity, fertility, abundance, hope, healing, nature

  • Purple - spirituality, wisdom, royalty

  • Red - vitality, passion, bravery, confidence

  • White - light, truth, purity

  • Yellow - wisdom, clarity, awareness, energy, joy

  • Brown - earth, stability

  • Gold - good health, power, wealth

  • Turquoise - communication, self-awareness

  • Black - power, protection

  • Orange - courage, self-confidence, vitality

  • Pink - care, beauty, love, kindness

Stones and charms are so very popular items to add to enhance your waist beads with healing properties. Waist beads also come in two different methods, they can either be tied on and remain on you until you indefinitely until you decide to cut them off or you can choose to have a clasp on them where you can take them on and off as you please.

For more information on waist beads and where you can purchase waist beads, check out Ashley Amanda at for a full waist bead experience.

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