Hey, Summer!

Today, June 21, 2019, marks a day of so many exciting things. We have the First Day of Summer, Summer Solstice and for astrology lovers Cancer season all starting on the same day. Summer marks the celebration of the sun and nature.

The Summer Solstice will peak at around 11:54 am EST today and that peak will represent the highest point of energy but don't be alarmed if you miss it, the entire day will be filled with great solar energy. The Summer Solstice signifies a time to take rest and enjoy a period of comfortable ease. It also symbolizes the return/rise to the Great Father Spirit. During this time, there is a celebration of light triumphing over darkness in an individual and the return of wholeness and unity of the son, mother goddess and father god.

This is a time to fully embrace YOU and embrace everything that you love about life and nature. Spiritually this time is for inner reflections, connecting with nature, new beginnings and also a time to be patient, slow down and let things peak as they should.

Use this time to seek inner peace, balance and reflection by mediating outside, doing activities in nature, journaling outside or even just taking a short walk outside.

You can also use this time rejuvenate your crystals and allowing the sun energy to flow through them or even trying some energy healing like Reiki.

If your astrological sign is Cancer, this time is especially special for you as it marks the first day of Cancer season. Cancer season spans from June 21 - July 22. Today, solar energy will be a bit more prevalent to those born in the Cancer sign as the sun is basically charging you up and filling you with all the energy you need to be the best you.

Happy First Day of Summer, Summer Solstice & Cancer Season!!

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