Blue Flower Full Moon in Scorpio

First, let’s break down the blue and flower parts of the Blue Flower Full Moon.

Blue Moon doesn’t mean that the moon will actually be blue, even though that would be really super dope. The term “once in a blue moon” describes something that occurs rarely and this is where the term comes from. Usually, there is one full moon in a month and three full moons per seasons. Any extra full moons that occur outside of that are considered “blue moons” So instead of the 3 full moons happening this Spring season, we will be having an extra moon.

The term Flower Moon means that the moon is happening in May. Every month has a special name for its full moons.

With the full moon you have high energies, intuitions and manifestations swirling all around you. As the full moon is in Scorpio, we can expect to let out inner passions and nourish our souls. It also creates the opportunity for positive breakthroughs in our values and relationships.

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