Reiki Session

What to expect during a Reiki Session?

Reiki sessions are currently being done through distance attunements or distance healings. Sessions are an hour long and formatted as follows;


  • 15 mins: Opening session. Contact will be made by video chat, phone call, chat or email - whichever is preferred by the client.

  • 30 mins: Reiki session to be performed.


  • 15 mins: Closing session. Contact will be made again thru video chat, phone call, chat or email – whichever is preferred by the client. Client will receive a follow up report to reference within 24 hours of the appointment.

Distance attunements can be great alternatives for those who do not have the time to go see a practitioner in person or are just initially learning about reiki. I always recommend that an individual try out both methods to find out what works best for them.


As with any reiki master, we are here to be a catalyst for our clients in which universal life energy can follow through and be received to the intended client in the most positive way.


How does the practitioner perform a Reiki Session?


When an individual is ready to schedule their attunement or healing, they will follow the following steps;


  1. The individual will contact me through the booking online portal where they will fill out a short form and choose an available appointment time for me to contact the individual.

  2. ​​​​​After an appointment is made, I will contact the individual at their set appointment time for the opening session to see how they are feeling, go over the form and to make sure that they are ready to get into a meditative state and that they are in a clear, relaxed environment for the attunement. The client must also be receptive and open to receiving the energy.

  3. Once initial contact is done, I will then immediately preform the distance attunement using crystals to access the seven chakra points and to also enhance the effects of the attunement. This is done all while setting intentions, visualization and using the distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) to strengthen my ability to heal from a distance and project the universal life energy that’s flowing through me to my client.

  4. After the attunement is completed, I will contact the client again for the closing session. During this closing session, I will chat with the client about what energies I felt during their attunement and anything that the client experienced while they were in their meditative and relaxed state. I will send the client a report of their reiki session within 24 hours of the session being done by email.

Disclosure: Every individual is unique and reiki sessions will affect individuals differently. A distance attunement/healing might not work as well the first time or at all for some individuals as it would for other individuals.


Being a Reiki Master, I want to personally provide you with a positive experience and send positive universal life force energy into the atmosphere for you and into all aspects of your life whether you had a great experience with me or with another Reiki practitioners.


As always, I look forward performing your Reiki session. Namaste.


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